Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fingerplay: The Five Senses Story Time Stretch

It's yet another story time stretch.

The creation of this rhyme was influenced by a  recent training session.  This training session featured a ton of library workers heavily involved in children's programming.  Watching their performances and listening to their ideas was eye-opening.  It was inspiring to see different styles and methods of running class visits and story times.  Hopefully, I can capture some of the best ideas and incorporate it into my style.

One presentation suggested a variety of ways of using humor in order to hook children during a story time.  The presenter recommended books by Rob Reid including one titled "Something Funny Happened at The Library". We performed selection from the book that included "tongue push-ups".  I found the rhyme to be  hilarious so I borrowed the "tongue push-up" action for this rhyme.

This lead to thinking about how "tongue push ups" could be incorporated into a stretch.  My first thought was to base it around body parts on the head such ears, nose, mouth etc.  After starting with ears, I started to focus on hearing - "pull your ears to test your hearing" which in turn lead to the idea of focusing on the senses.  The senses are something kids learn in school anyways, so a stretch rhyme that children could recite and practice in order to remember the five senses might be useful.

This is the final edit:

Story Time Stretch - The Five Senses

Rub your hands to get some feeling
Stretch your ears to make sure you’re hearing
Sniff, sniff to test your smell
Sniff, sniff to test your smell
Blink, blink to test your sight
How many fingers am I holding up?
Blink, blink to test your sight
Now how many fingers am I holding up?
Lastly, it’s time for tongue push ups!
Stick your tongue out!Up down - up down!
Now left right, left right!
Round and round!

This stretch was tried out today and it worked really well!

PS.  While writing this post, I found ways to improve the interactiveness of this rhyme.  But I'll save that for another post on the idea of being adaptable during story time.


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